Friday, March 9, 2012

2011: The Year That Music Got Better (Pt.3)

2011 was a strange year to say the least! For one thing - I actually agreed with The Grammys! Bon Iver as best new artist (even though he's not a new artist) and Adele took home six awards. I am not going to bother posting Adele in my best of 2011 because as you already know she's like BUTTA. And if you haven't heard Bon Iver PLEASE check him out. Okay so next, here are some Aaron pics you might have missed out on.

Old 97's: The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 These Texas boys have been going strong since the mid nineties and they haven't missed a beat.  Their blend of country-twang-rock-punk makes you want to dance and smash things and then kiss your girlfriend. Or if you're a girl, you probably want to go home with the lead singer. Lead singer/songwriter Rhett Miller also has an impressive solo catalog, he really can do no wrong musically. And when I say country twang I am referring to Johnny Cash not Toby Keith. I would say I'm surprised that Old 97's aren't huge by now but I'm not. They almost might be too good to be famous.

Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee pt. 2  One of the year's best treats - The Beastie Boys came out with a new album! Beastie MCA(Adam Yauch )survived a battle with cancer, they are in their fourties, and what do they give us? A party CD. The Hot SauceCommittee pt. 2 is the most fun you will have with your speakers. Who else could provide lyrics such as; "Don't tell me nothin, don't tell me nada. Don't stop me now because I'm doing the lambada"? They could have gotten introspective, they could have gottten cynical, but it seems as though they just wanted to keep the party going. Though their medium is Hip Hop we get a grab bag of sounds and influences here.

Bright Eyes: The People's Key Conor Oberst started recording music at age fourteen with his father's four track recorder. He has been playing his guitar and singing live since thirteen. This guy is not one of those child prodigies that wails on the guitar with crazy squealing leads and wants to impress his audience, but rather, holds onto his acoustic guitar like a life raft and writes songs as if you are reading his diary. At 31 he recorded The People's Key with his band Bright Eyes (their ninth studio release). This album is incredible because Conor Oberst bridges the gap between deep music and something you actually want to keep on your play list. You don't have to listen to the lyrics but you're missing out if you don't.
Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi: Rome Sometimes I have a hard time with mellow albums because it's challenging to find a chill cd that isn't depressing. I want to light incense and relax but I don't want to think about my ex or take emotional stock of my life. I don't want to meditate and go to Fern Gully either - I just want to chill. Rome was my go-to chill album of the year. Danger Mouse has established himself as one of the best producers of our time and he teamed up with Daniele Luppi, an Italian film composer. Together they came up with a fictional movie soundtrack that throws in songs with Norah Jones and Jack White(from The White Stripes) on vocals - it's freakin cool!